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7 CBE Programs in 3 Areas

Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) is offering seven competency-based education (CBE) programs in career and technical education starting in September 2015. These fall within three program areas, each with multiple exit points.

If you are interested in medical coding, health information regulations or health information management, this is the program for you!
Health Information Management
If you have ever dreamed of developing websites, designing cyber security systems or managing computer networks, check out our IST program!
Information Systems Technology
Looking for a dynamic program that combines technology with interpersonal and leadership skills? Look no further than our AST program!
Administrative Support Technology

Multiple CBE Programs with Several Exit Points

Lord Fairfax Community College is offering seven competency-based education (CBE) programs in career and technical education starting in September 2015. These fall within the program areas of Information Systems Technology (IST), Health Information Management (HIM), and Administrative Support Technology (AST), each with several different exit points. The programs offered include: Associate of Applied Science degrees in Health Information Management and in Information Systems Technology, the Certificate in Office Systems Assistant, and Career Studies Certificates in Hospital Facility Coding, Information Processing Technician, Cyber Security, and Networking Specialist.

With traditional programs, students earn a degree or certificate by meeting course requirements with a sequence of credit classes. With K2W's CBE programs, the focus is on documenting competencies, instead of counting classes and credits. Competencies are performance-based statements about knowledge, skills, and abilities. The competencies used in LFCC's CBE programs were developed by full-time faculty and incorporate national competency frameworks so that they are aligned with the latest curriculum and employer expectations for hiring.

Personalized Learning for CBE

Students in CBE programs work with faculty to create a personalized learning plan each semester that lists the competencies to be acquired. Instruction is not delivered in a traditional class format with a sequence of weekly course material. Instead, the learning plan is implemented via the online, instructional management system BlackBoard and free and low-cost learning resources are provided for each program competency or group of competencies, depending on the program. BlackBoard is also used for assignments and assessments to document when competencies are mastered. This allows students to work at a personalized and flexible pace.

Depending on the number of competencies students already have and how many hours of educational activity they devote each week, CBE programs have the potential to be completed more quickly and with significant cost savings over traditional, course-based programs. Students in the Administrative Support Technology (AST) and Health Information Management (HIM) programs are allowed to move individually through competencies, based on their needs and experience, with faculty permission. Students in the Information Systems Technology (IST) programs move sequentially through modules of competencies and new instructional material is made available as soon as the prerequisite competencies are mastered.