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Information Technology

Career Pathway: Information Technology (IT)

What is IT?

As a subsidiary of the overarching discipline of computing, information technology in education involves the design, implementation and maintenance of technology solutions and support for users of such systems. It focuses on crafting hardware and software solutions as applied to networks, security, client-server and mobile computing, web applications, multimedia resources, communications systems, and the planning and management of the technology lifecycle. Upon graduation, students initiating careers as information technology professionals should be able to work effectively at planning, implementing, configuring, and maintaining an organization's computing infrastructure.

Similarly, information systems involves the application of computing principles to business processes, bridging the technical and management fields. This curriculum focuses on the design, implementation and testing of information systems as applied to business processes such as payroll, human resources, corporate databases, data warehousing and mining, ecommerce, finance, customer relations management, transaction processing, and data-driven decision-making and executive support. Upon graduation, students initiating careers as information systems specialists should be able to analyze information requirements and business processes and be able to specify and design systems that are aligned with organizational goals.


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