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International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)

10502 N Ambassador Dr., Ste. 100, Kansas City, Missouri 64153

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International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)
IAAP Exam Preparation

IAAP (International Association of Administrative Professionals) is a 501 (c)(6) registered not-for-profit professional association for administrative professionals. IAAP strives to ensure individuals working in office and administrative professions have the opportunity to connect, learn, lead, and excel.

IAAP is dedicated to helping office and administrative professionals advance their career in a demanding and ever-changing business environment.

We have always focused on preparing our members for what matters now and what's ahead. Our purpose is to enhance the value that office and administrative professionals bring to the table and advocate for the profession as it evolves to encompass the role of not just business partners but also leaders.

From specialized online and offline training programs, to valuable networking and industry leading events, we provide the knowledge, skills, and insights that build toward job advancement, success, and recognition.

Core Values

  • Authenticity: IAAP remains true to our core purpose, unafraid to stand with integrity and confidence for our goals and objectives.
  • Community: IAAP values and invites collaboration, connections, and engagement with stakeholders.
  • Passion: IAAP is committed, dedicated, enthusiastic, and decisive in our support and mentorship of administrative professionals.
  • Relevance: IAAP provides exceptional, meaningful, and innovative resources to support the changing world of the administrative profession.
  • Resilience: IAAP perseveres, remains steadfast and focused, and is agile in our actions and decisions to support our goals and objectives.

Aspirational Values

  • Advocacy: IAAP will represent administrative professionals, working with them and for them to increase the value of the profession.
  • Inclusion & Diversity: IAAP will be a place for anyone in the profession, representing all ages, career stages, demographics, and needs.
  • Industry Leaders: IAAP will be the trend setter for the profession in business, government, and in the career paths of administrative professionals.
  • International: IAAP will collaborate with organizations representing the profession in countries outside of North America to unify and advance the profession globally.
  • Transparency: IAAP will provide relevant, consistent, and timely information to stakeholders.

The IAAP Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) is the leading recognized professional certification in the administrative field that encompasses all areas of the office. Professional certification is a distinction that sets you apart from others. It's an investment in your career that shows employers, coworkers, and the public that you are committed to your profession and excel in your field. Certification makes you more valuable to employers and gives you a competitive advantage in the workforce. The IAAP CAP exam features updated questions and a refreshed focus on the most current administrative skills and topics like project management and mobile technology. An entirely updated reference list and comprehensive study guide will serve as your road map to becoming certified. Display your mastery of the administrative profession, validate your professional goals and dedication, and increase your credibility.

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