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Getting Started with K2W

Our process is thoroughly explained step-by-step through completion of a CBE degree or certificate. You can get started with Knowledge to Work by calling or filling out an inquiry form to meet with a career coach.

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Meet with a career coach

Your first step is to fill out an inquiry form and meet with one of our career coaches. They will work with you to discover the skills and knowledge you already possess and how those can be translated into competencies for your very own personalized learning plan! Click here to get started!

Apply for admission to LFCC

Gain access to all of our student benefits and faculty members by applying to be a student at Lord Fairfax Community College. Begin your application!

Complete your financial aid FAFSA

Explore ways to fund your education by completing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Get started!

Create a personalized learning plan with a faculty member

After you have been accepted as a student and enrolled with Lord Fairfax Community College, you will meet with a qualified faculty member related to your field of study. Together, you will create your very own personalized learning plan.

Learn competencies at a flexible pace

After your personalized learning plan has been created, you are then free to learn and explore new competencies at a flexible pace. You will also participate in weekly check-ins with your assigned faculty member to make sure you are on track!

Complete your program

When you have completed your program, you will be awarded your degree or certificate. Granting you new credentials to assist you in finding the job of your dreams!