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Competency-Based Education Network (CBEN)

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Competency-Based Education Network (CBEN)
Competency-Based Education Network is a group of colleges and universities working together to address shared challenges to designing, developing and scaling competency-based degree programs.


In early 2014, the network selected an initial cohort of participating colleges and universities; the cohort includes 17 institutions and two public systems serving 42 campuses. The institutions will take part in a research-and-development phase, funded by Lumina Foundation, to provide an evidence-based approach to advancing high-quality competency-based education capable of serving many more students of all backgrounds. A second cohort of 13 colleges and universities and two public higher education systems joined C-BEN in early 2015. The Network is currently comprised of 30 colleges and universities and four public systems with 82 campuses.

A Board of Directors, led by Laurie Dodge of Brandman University, was formed in spring 2013 and the network issued a formal call for membership applications in the fall.

Participating institutions either offer degree programs with well-defined learning outcomes and rigorous assessment or are on their way to creating them. The C-BEN Board of Directors, comprising higher education innovators from several of these institutions, will guide the work and periodically will issue additional calls for applications.

CBEN Discusses Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) and "Knowledge to Work" (K2W)

CBEN discussing details about the competency-based degrees and certificate programs at Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) offered through their "Knowledge to Work" (K2W) program.
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