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Anti-Spam CANSPAM Policy

This website prepares and sends email and text messages to our users from time to time that do not contain protected personal information using methods we consider to be best practices. All messages are approved by our in-house compliance department prior to submission. We maintain and use a company-wide opt-out list. All emails and text messaging are cross checked against this list before we send them out.

The following are considered deceptive e-mail marketing practices: Under CANSPAM, the following we DO NOT do and is officially illegal: 1. Falsifying headers (the part of an e-mail message that specifies where it came from); 2. Using deceptive subject lines to trick people into opening messages; 3. "Hijacking" other peoples' email accounts or computers to send spam; 4. Creating e-mail or IP addresses specifically to send spam; 5. Sending unsolicited email with sexual content; 6. Sending e-mail to people who've requested to be removed from our list; 7. Neglecting to include a physical mailing address in commercial email messages.

The following are considered best practices: 1. We do not break any of the above rules; 2. We use a footer in emails that allow recipients to opt out of future emails; 3. We keep a company wide DO NOT EMAIL list; 4. We honor all requests NOT to use an email address; 5. We use a "Closed-Loop Authentication" opt in method requiring the subscriber to confirm via an email message link for all records which we process on our servers and maintain.

Email Unsubscription Process: Users may choose one of three methods to unsubscribe from emails - 1. Reply to the email message including "UNSUBSCRIBE" in subject line. Subscription is removed within 48 hours of receipt of this type of request.; 2. Click on a link in the footer of the email message. Doing so will load their internet browser, connect to our website and add their email address to the company-wide opt-out list so they no longer receive emails from us. This method is effective immediately.; 3. Users may log into their account, browse to "Manage Profile" / "Manage Contact Preferences" and select the "Unsubscribe" button.

Text Unsubscription Process: Users may log into their account, browse to "Manage Profile" / "Manage Contact Preferences" and select the "Unsubscribe" button. This method is effective immediately.

Dealing with Recipient or ISP Complaints: When a complaint is received the following process is initiated - Every complaint that is received is reviewed by management. If the email address of the complainant is known, it will be immediately unsubscribed, adding it to our company-wide opt-out list. They will be notified that their email address has been removed. If the complaint came via an ISP or other organization, they too will be notified of the action taken.

We may amend this Anti-Spam CANSPAM Policy at any time by posting the amended terms on this site. All amended terms automatically take effect 30 days after they are initially posted on the site. By registering as a user and accepting this Anti-Spam CANSPAM Policy, you expressly consent to our policies as described herein. This Anti-Spam CANSPAM Policy is effective upon acceptance and is otherwise effective on January 1, 2016. To report abuse to

Updated January 1, 2016
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