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How to Contribute Learning Resources as an Employer

How to Contribute Learning Resources as an Employer
Thursday, March 26, 2020
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Many employers have specific learning resources they rely on for training their employees. We want to be sure those materials are available on the Knowledge to Work portal so your future and current employees can use these preferred resources to learn the skills you need them to have. In this post, we’re outlining the simple steps you can use to make those learning resources available on

Submit Individual Learning Resources

If you have a learning resource not already found on Knowledge to Work that you would like to contribute for inclusion on the portal, you can begin that process by logging in to your account.

After you have logged in to your account, click “Contribute” in your dashboard menu, then “Submit Resource.” This will take you to a form for submitting learning resources for inclusion on the portal. The form requires the title, description, and URL link for the learning resource. We also provide a box to submit additional information you would like us to know about the learning resource or that you want to be included on the learning resource’s description page. This box is where you may want to note any specific competencies or skills this learning resource teaches or job roles it relates to. Finally, click “Submit Resource” to submit this learning resource to the portal. Repeat this process as many times as needed to submit all learning resources you would like included on the portal. Each learning resource will undergo a brief review by Knowledge to Work’s digital librarian so additional data points can be added to help the learning resource be found more easily in learning resource search results.

Submit Many Learning Resources

If you have a large number of learning resources you would like to submit for inclusion on the portal, submitting each resource individually may not be ideal for you. Not to worry. In this case, simply contact us so we may assist you.

Sign Up for Your Employer Account

If you haven’t signed up for your employer profile yet, that’s where you’ll want to start. Learn how to sign up for your free account here. Making it easy for employers to submit the learning resources they prefer to the portal is just one of the many ways Knowledge to Work promotes work-based learning and helps employers manage the talent pipeline. You can learn more about the additional benefits of signing up for a free employer profile account here.

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