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Knowledge to Work for Learners

Knowledge to Work for Learners
Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Posted in category Learners by has focused for many years now on helping learners of all types, including students enrolled in formal education programs and independent learners, achieve their educational goals and career goals. The Knowledge to Work portal has added many additional features to support these users and their learning goals more effectively over those years. offers so many features now that even long-time users may not be aware of all the tools and resources available to them! That’s why, in this blog post, we’re outlining the many advantages of using the Knowledge to Work portal for learners.

Use the Career Pathways Explorer to Discover the Career That’s Right for You

If you’re not sure yet which career pathway may be the right choice for you, our Career Pathways Explorer is a tool to help you make this difficult decision. The Career Pathways Explorer offers an abundance of information on various careers, including a description of that career, common job titles held in that career field, the software, tools, and technology you may need to be proficient in to succeed in that field, and videos outlining the common job responsibilities of workers in that career field. Most importantly, the Career Pathways Explorer provides a competency framework for each career choice.

Review Competency Frameworks to Discover What You’ll Need to Learn for the Job You Want

Competencies are statements about the knowledge, skills, and abilities a person needs to have to be successful in a career. A competency framework then is a list of several competencies, intended to give as complete a picture as possible to learners about all the competencies they’ll need to learn to enter that career. This focus on competency-based education (or CBE) ensures that you’ll have the correct knowledge, skills, and abilities to obtain and excel in your dream job.

Prepare for Your Chosen Career Using Learning Resources

Each of the competencies in these competency frameworks is linked to learning resources. Those learning resources will help you learn that competency. This is one way we make competency-based learning simple. Once you’ve chosen the career you want to work toward, we provide the information about the competencies you’ll need to know and the resources to learn those competencies. Many of these materials are even free learning resources. This means you can reach your learning goals in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Create Your Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) and Track Your Progress

If keeping track of your learning goals, the associated competency frameworks, and the learning resources tied to those competencies is starting to sound a bit complicated, not to worry! Knowledge to Work also provides personalized learning plans (or PLPs) to each learner. A personalized learning plan is an individual learning plan designed around your goals and needs.

To create your personalized learning plan, simply complete the sign-up form to create your free account on Once you’ve logged in to your account, add all your educational goals to your learning plan. Adding an educational goal saves those competency frameworks, and the learning resources tied to them, to your learning plan. This means you’ll have everything you need to be successful in one place! Your personalized learning plan also serves as a checklist so you can check off the competencies you’ve learned as you learn them. In addition to allowing you to track your learning progress, you can also set due date goals for yourself for learning future competencies and make notes for yourself on your progress.

Find Local Employers Who Hire for the Job You Want & Match Their Requirements

On top of all the above benefits, Knowledge to Work also offers an Employer Search feature. The Employer Search allows you to locate businesses and organizations in your area who hire for the job role you’re interested in. To use the Employer Search, you’ll simply enter your zip code and the distance you’re willing to travel for work. Then select the industry you’ll be working in and run your search. Each of the employers in your search results has a local location that hires workers in that industry. Click on any employer in that list to learn more about each business or organization, what it’s like to work for them, and see the list of job roles they hire for. These job roles outline the specific competencies and other educational and work requirements that the employer looks for when hiring for that job role. This work-based learning approach means you can cater your workforce preparation to a specific employer in your area that you’d like to work for and can therefore increase your chances of success when entering your chosen career field!

Locate Service Organizations to Support You throughout the Process

While all the features discussed so far can certainly help you on your path to success, we also recognize that you may face several hurdles along the way. That’s why we created a Service Search feature that helps you locate organizations near you that can provide you with various services to aid you during your educational and job searching journey. These services include financial resources, career planning resources, job searching assistance, academic services, and many others.

Additional Benefits of Signing Up for Your Account

A free account on also provides you with many other tools. You can favorite learning resources to easily return to learning resources you’re working through or want to revisit. You can also save searches, complete with advanced search options, to rerun helpful learning resource searches at any time. We make your complete search history available to you as well, in case you forget to save a search that was helpful and want to return to it. We also have features that allow you to favorite employers and service organizations for easy reference at any time. You can also leave private comments on learning resources (available only to you) that allow you to save notes for yourself about specific learning materials. Thinking “I need to sign up for my learning plan?” Keep reading to sign up for your free account!

Get Started Today

Ready to start exploring the personalized education opportunities available with Knowledge to Work for yourself? Sign up today for your free account to start taking advantage of all the tools, resources, and features outlined above!

Are there any other features you think should be made available for learner accounts?

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In this blog post we’re outlining the many advantages of using the Knowledge to Work portal for learners.

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