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How to Sign Up for Your Free Service Organization Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Sign Up for Your Free Service Organization Account: A Step-by-Step Guide
Thursday, November 7, 2019
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After reading our previous blog post on the benefits of signing up for a free service organization profile with Knowledge to Work, titled Knowledge to Work for Service Organizations, we’re sure you can’t wait to start setting up a profile for your service organization. In this blog post, we’ve outlined a simple step-by-step guide to walk you through doing just that!

Who can sign up?

Knowledge to Work defines a service organization as an institution or organization that provides some type of service to learners and/or job seekers. Service organizations can include community colleges, universities, private colleges, professional associations, workforce organizations, staffing agencies, trade or vocational schools, WIOA organizations, and other types of credentialing organizations, among others. So, whether your organization or institution offers student services or job seeker services, you’ll want to read more below to learn about these new features and how you can increase your community outreach or student recruitment!

The Benefits of Creating a Service Organization Profile

Before we get started on our sign up walkthrough, let’s do a quick recap of the benefits of signing up for a free service organization account with

  • Attract new students: Learners can locate you, learn about the types of credentials you may award, the resources you have available and have a connection point with you to enroll themselves in your programs
  • Increase outreach to job seekers: Job seekers can locate you, learn more about the services your organization offers, and connect with you to receive the assistance they need through the job searching process
  • User activity reports: Receive data on how many users view your landing page
  • Plus much more for free!

Step 1: See if Your Organization is Already Listed

The first step for all service organizations is to check to see whether your organization is already listed on Certain organizations have been preloaded and all you’ll need to do if this applies to your organization is to claim your account. Begin by searching to see if your organization is already listed.

To do this, you’ll first enter the zip code of your organization. You will also enter a few letters that appear in your organization’s name. For example, if the name of your organization is “Goodall Staffing”, try searching “Goodall,” “good,” “staffing,” or something similar.

If you locate your organization through this search, click the “Claim Listing” button to the right of your organization’s name. Then proceed to Step 2.

If you do not locate your organization through this search, click the “Create Profile” button. Then proceed to Step 3.

Step 2: Claim Your Account

If your organization was already preloaded, some of the work of setting up your service organization profile has already been done for you! You’ll want to claim ownership of your profile, however, to add more details about your organization and the services and/or awards you offer.

To claim your profile, enter your or organization’s legal name, trade name, website URL (if you have one), and explain if any of the information we have on file for your organization is incorrect. Next, you’ll enter the full name and email address of the person at your organization who will be responsible for managing your service organization profile. To verify the responsible party’s affiliation with your organization, we also require the URL of a respected website where we can find the responsible party and their email address related to the organization. Usually, this is your organization’s website, but this could also be another website like that of a professional organization that provides details about the responsible party and their relationship to the organization. Then proceed to step 4.

Step 3: Create Your Service Organization Profile

If your organization has not been preloaded, you will sign up for a new account. After clicking the “Create Profile” button at the end of your search results from Step 1, you’ll be redirected to the service organization sign up page. Use this page to select the type of organization or institution you represent from the dropdown menu. You will then enter the legal name and trade name of your organization. Only your trade name will be displayed to users. In the next section, you will enter the address of the primary location of your organization (this is usually your organization’s main office or campus). You may enter additional locations once your account is established. Then enter the website (if applicable) and phone number of your organization.

The last step in signing up for your free service organization profile is to enter the name of the person who will be responsible for managing this account and their email address. We also require some form of verification of the responsible party’s association with your organization. This verification may come from the organization’s website, the website of a professional association, or even a document emailed to us (details on the sign-up page).

Lastly, click the “Sign Up” button at the bottom of the page and continue to Step 4.

Step 4: Verify Your Account

Once you have submitted the information for either claiming or creating your service organization profile, one of our team members will review your submission to verify the details entered and the responsible party’s relationship to the organization. Once this has been completed, the responsible party will receive a confirmation email with an activation code. The responsible party should follow the link in the email and enter the confirmation code on that webpage. This confirms the responsible party’s email account, allows them to set up their username and password, and provides them with access to manage the service organization profile.

Step 5: Add Additional Information to Your Service Organization Profile

Once the responsible party has access to managing the service organization profile, you will want to add additional information about your organization to be able to attract new students or job seekers in need of assistance. This information can include listing additional locations, linking to social media accounts, adding descriptions about your organization, and uploading your organization’s logo for display in search results and on your service organization profile page. You will also want to add details about any services your organization offers or credentials your organization awards. The information provided about specific services and/or awards offered is how users locate your organization through the services search engine so you will want to ensure these sections are as complete as possible. The responsible party will also be able to submit learning resources offered by your organization for inclusion in our learning resources database. Data about user activity on your service organization profile, including the number of views your service organization profile has received from users is available in your account.

Sign up now to let us help you with student recruitment and increasing your outreach! You can learn more about all the features discussed above in the “Learn More” sections on each service organization webpage or stay tuned for future blog posts that will elaborate on all of these features!

Here are the links again to get started with your account:

Claim Your Free Service Organization Account

Sign Up for Your Free Service Organization Account


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