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New Features for Learners and Job Seekers: Service Organization Search

New Features for Learners and Job Seekers: Service Organization Search
Thursday, August 15, 2019
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Knowledge to Work is happy to announce another new feature for learners and job seekers. You can now locate service organizations in your area to assist you through your education or the job searching process. Using this new search engine, you can locate colleges, staffing agencies, professional organizations, and several other types of organizations in your area that offer everything from financial aid to career counseling. Learn more about this below!

What Are Service Organizations?

Service organizations can include a number of different types of organizations that provide some kind of service to students, independent learners, veterans, and/or job seekers. Community colleges, universities, private colleges, trade or vocational schools, workforce organizations, community action programs, staffing agencies, credentialing organizations, and professional associations, are some of the service organizations you can locate through our new service organization search engine.

How can Service Organizations Help You?

Service organizations provide resources and services that can assist you through your educational or job searching journey. Whether you’re looking for financial assistance to pay for your college courses or someone to teach you how to write a resume that employers will respond to, the services search can help you find the assistance you need. See the following sections for specific services that might be applicable to you.

Student Services

As a student or a prospective student, it can be overwhelming to try to locate the resources you need. Whether you’re trying to choose a community college that offers online courses, a college that offers work-study employment, or you’re a transfer student looking for universities that offer transfer agreements, Knowledge to Work makes it simple for you to find the institution with exactly what you need. You may wish to focus your search on the Academic Services, Educational Courses & Resources, and Financial Resources categories using the service organization search engine.

Job Seeker Services

It may feel like you’re on your own when looking for work, but there are many services available that can help you throughout the job searching process. These services can include help writing your resume, career interest assessments, assistance preparing for employment interviews, job placement services, locations with various resources available for you to use during your job search, including computers, copy machines, telephones, and many others. Knowledge to Work helps you locate job seeker services available in your area. You may wish to focus your search on the Job Searching & Career Planning and Site Resources categories using the services search engine.

Veteran Services

After leaving the military, some veterans face a lack of support while re-integrating into the civilian workforce. Knowledge to Work wants to ensure veterans have all the help they need to be just as successful in their civilian lives as they were during their military careers. The service organization search feature is just one way can help you find the assistance you need, whether you’re looking to further your education or you’re searching for work. While searching for educational institutions, you may wish to focus on institutions that offer veterans counselors by selecting the “Veterans counseling” option under the Academic Services category. If you’re searching for employment, you may wish to select the “Veterans Employment Representative” under the Job Searching & Career Planning category to locate a dedicated veterans representative that can make the job searching process go more smoothly for you.

Find Services in Your Area

Now that you’re aware of all the various services you can locate using Knowledge to Work’s service organization search, we’re sure you can’t wait to get started! Search now to find services available in your area.

When using the services search, you’ll start by entering the zip code and radius for the location you’re willing to travel to. Then select the type of organization you’re looking for (community college, workforce organization, trade school, staffing agency, etc.) if you’d like to narrow by one type. You can then choose from a list several different services to search for.

You may check the box next to as many services as you desire in order to locate institutions that offer all the services you’re looking for. However, the more items you select, the fewer results you are likely to receive. You may find that a broader search works better for you. If you’re unsure what any of these services refer to, you can read the definitions of each here.

Once you’ve completed a search, you can click through the listings of service organizations to view more information about each, including its locations, website, a list of the services offered, as well as information about any awards (degrees, certificates, digital badges, etc.) that institution or organization awards.

If you are logged in to your free account you also have the options to add a service organization to your Favorites Library so you can easily find them again later and to add private notes to their profile (these will only be viewable by you).

Start searching now and remember to sign up for your free account!

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Knowledge to Work is happy to announce another new feature for learners and job seekers. You can now locate services in your area to assist you through your education or the job searching process.

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