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Knowledge to Work for Employers

Knowledge to Work for Employers
Thursday, March 7, 2019
Posted in category Employers by has recently implemented new features to help employers close the skills gap and manage the talent pipeline! has long been a portal for learners and job seekers to connect with the information and learning resources they need to get the job they want. Now, employers can connect directly with these job seekers and use an employer profile to attract qualified job candidates.

Employer Profiles on Knowledge to Work

The new employer profile accounts on allow businesses and organizations to create an informational and in-depth outline of their business, its goals, the benefits of working there, and contact information. Best of all, employers can create job profiles of jobs they hire for at their business. These aren’t job postings of current position openings, but profiles of the jobs available at your business. You can provide the job title, a description of the position, the location(s) that job is available, and a complete, custom-made list of the competencies (knowledge, skills, or abilities) you look for in job candidates for that position. We have many templates to get you started with these job roles that you can edit for your business’ needs, or you can create your own from scratch. These job profiles allow you to show job seekers exactly what you’re looking for in an employee. Each of these competencies is also linked to learning resources. So job seekers can not only view a complete list of the skills you’re looking for in order to cater their educational goals to your requirements, but they can also locate the learning tools they’ll need to learn those skills easily on

Get Started Today

Visit this page to learn more about creating your free employer account and get help with employee recruitment. Your business may already be listed on with some basic information. Search employers to see if your business is already listed, then claim your account to customize your profile and list job roles. If your business isn’t listed yet, sign up for your free account and start attracting job seekers with the skills you need!

Claim Your Free Employer Account:

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Learn about Knowledge to Work’s new features to help employers close the skills gap and manage the talent pipeline.

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