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Learning Apps, Part 4 – 10 Top Tools

Learning Apps, Part 4 – 10 Top Tools
Thursday, April 5, 2018
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Welcome to the last post in our series on learning apps for college students. So far, we have featured posts on study apps, wellness apps, and productivity and time management apps. This final post will feature 10 additional learning apps for adults. These 10 apps don’t fit into the categories we’ve featured before, but are all useful tools for college students to achieve success in their higher education careers.

Top Learning Apps for College Students

Listed below are the 10 additional apps we recommend for college success, listed in no particular order.

  1. EasyBib – Easybib Free Bibliography Generator is a citation app that lets you automatically create citations by scanning a book’s barcode or using a search tool to find citations for websites and books. It can create citations in many different citation styles, including MLA, APA, and Chicago, and is a top-rated bibliography maker.
  2. Grammarly Keyboard – Grammarly Keyboard is a grammar checker app that you can use on your mobile devices to check your grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word use within your apps.
  3. Desmos Graphing Calculator – This is a free graphing calculator app that can serve as a basic calculator as well as allow you to create graphs, sliders, tables, and more.
  4. Scanner Pro – This scanning app allows you to create scans of documents using your phone’s camera. You can then export those documents to your photos, email, printer, or cloud service.
  5. iThoughts2go – iThoughts2go is a mind map app. Mind maps can be very useful tools for brainstorming, note-taking, and planning. College students may find them particularly helpful for planning group projects or research papers. With iThoughts2go, you can use your mind maps on the go.
  6. Circle of 6 – Circle of 6 is a personal safety app that lets you choose up to 6 friends or family members for your circle. If you’re in a situation that becomes unsafe or uncomfortable, you can use the app to automatically send a pre-programmed text to the members of your circle with your location. You can also program two local emergency or national hotline numbers that you can call in case of emergency. Many colleges and universities also have safety apps specifically developed for use on their campuses for their students, so be sure to check with your campus safety office.
  7. Alarmy – In our second post in this series, which focused on wellness apps, we covered several apps that can help you with your sleeping habits, including apps that can help you stay asleep longer. If you’re a deep sleeper, however, you could have problems waking up to your alarm clock rather than managing to stay asleep throughout the night. The Alarmy alarm clock app (formerly named Sleep If U Can) requires a specific action to turn off the alarm, making it more difficult to fall back asleep. Depending on your settings, this could including shaking your phone, solving a math problem, or taking a picture of a specific place in your home.
  8. Merriam Webster or Google Translate – Merriam Webster’s free dictionary app can be very useful for students taking courses in communication, literature, or any other course in which reading and writing are required. The Google Translate app can translate between over 100 different languages through text, photos, or conversations, which can be helpful for those taking foreign language courses.
  9. Scholly – Scholly is an app for locating scholarship opportunities for which you qualify. The app allows you to search for scholarships suited to you and provides access to scholarship application and essay writing advice.
  10. Meetup – Meetup is a social media app that allows you to locate or organize groups with shared interests to meet up for various activities. A crucial part of success in college is making connections and having a support group. This app can allow you to form groups with other students looking to enter the same career field as you, attend networking events, or just explore your hobbies with others.

College Readiness on

So many different types of learning apps and other tools are available to help students through their college years, and we hope that the apps described in this series will be helpful to learners. also lists hundreds of learning resources in our search engine that can help you succeed in college, as well as learning resources to help you prepare for entering or excelling in the workforce, further explore the topics you’re studying currently, or dive into learning materials on new topics. Be sure to sign up for your free account to set your learning goals, track your progress, save your favorite learning resources and useful searches, and much more.

This final post in our series on learning apps for college students features 10 top learning apps for students to help them achieve success in college.

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