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Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolution with

Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolution with
Thursday, January 4, 2018
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Happy New Year! With a brand new year upon us, many of us are reflecting on 2017 and thinking about how we might improve ourselves in 2018. For many, the new year represents a new start and a new start means tackling those goals we’ve always wanted to pursue. Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions include learning new skills, improving our health and physical fitness, advancing in our careers, achieving our educational goals, or developing a new hobby. Those are all lofty pursuits. Thankfully, Knowledge to Work has plenty of resources to help with all of those goals.

Learning has cataloged thousands of free and low-cost learning resources to help you achieve your educational goals. Using our free search engine, you can locate learning materials to help you achieve your health and fitness resolution. You can also find learning materials to learn more about topics you’ve always been interested in, like cybersecurity, anatomy, or web design. You can also learn new concepts to help you achieve your career goals. Check out our soft skills learning resources to improve your overall work performance. Learn more about a particular topic, like Microsoft Office software, WordPress, or business communication to build your skills and enhance your resume to make you more eligible for raises or promotions. If you’re looking to switch careers entirely, check out our career pathways pages to learn about different careers that may interest you, the degrees, certificates, or other certifications you would need to earn to join those careers, and discover the competencies (skills) you will need to be successful in that career.

Job Searching

If you’re looking to switch jobs in the new year, can help with that too. Our job seekers page connects you to available job opportunities in your field of work and in your local area. You may also want to explore our learning resources for job searching before filling out any employment applications. These resources can help you with resume writing, composing cover letters, filling out job applications, and brushing up on your job interview skills.

Don’t forget to sign up for your free account with Knowledge to Work so you can track your learning progress, save searches, favorite learning resources, and set goals for yourself.

Whether your New Year resolutions this year include going back to school to get your degree, changing your career field, getting a promotion, or learning a new skill, can help you reach your goal.

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