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Learning Competencies on to Get a Credential

Learning Competencies on to Get a Credential
Thursday, December 14, 2017
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Learning competencies (skills) on is not only simple, it can lead to a credential and a better job. To get started just sign up for a free account and select a credential that interests you, like the CSC in Cyber Security or the IAAP Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) pathway.

The CSC in Cyber Security has 58 competencies to complete. That may seem like a lot but this pathway typically takes a full-time student about 1 year to complete if they have no prior knowledge. You can simply add your chosen pathway to your learning plan, click on each competency to launch a search of learning resources to help you learn that competency, and dive into learning with the types of learning materials that suit your needs, whether that means video, text, or mixed media resources. Once you have learned a competency, just check the box in your learning plan to mark it as “Achieved” and move on down the list. It’s just that simple. When you are ready to think about earning your cyber security degree, apply to a school like LFCC where you may be able to take a prior learning assessment to get college credit for everything you have learned using Cyber security jobs are in high demand with a great future and high earning potential.

The IAAP Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) pathway has 119 competencies to complete. Once you have completed all of the competencies you can sign up for and take the IAAP CAP EXAM. A CAP designation can really help your resume stand out to employers or help you negotiate a pay raise. Here is a great blog article to help you understand the full value of getting and maintaining your CAP designation. Search to find the IAAP CAP Exam study guide and other learning resources to help prepare you for the IAAP exam.

The IAAP CAP and cyber security pathways are not the only featured pathways on, however. The complete list of career pathways featured on Knowledge to Work is:

Visit our career pathways page to discover the career that’s right for you and sign up for your free account to get started on your pathway to success today! We'll soon be adding additional career pathways, so be sure to check back for additional career information.

Learning competencies (skills) on is not only simple, it can lead to a credential and a better job.

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