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Thursday, November 30, 2017
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Are you already enrolled in college? isn’t just for independent learners. Students enrolled in academic programs at colleges and universities can use to help them learn topics they are struggling through, get ahead in their courses, and further explore the topics that interest them.

Find additional materials for your courses

If you need extra help with learning the material in any of your courses, has hundreds of options. Sometimes the way your course textbook explains a topic just isn’t enough. Using a variety of different learning materials can help you learn a topic more thoroughly. offers learning resources of all types, including videos, learning exercises, simulations, presentations, articles, assessments, courses, textbooks, etc. to provide a variety of options for learning. There are endless online resources for students and helps connect you to them.

Study other topics that interest you

Maybe you’re enrolled in a program to study marketing, but anatomy and physiology or cyber security also interest you. Rather than enrolling in extra courses that won’t count towards your degree, you can find resources for learning those topics online for free in our search engine. We’ve added learning materials on many different subject areas so we can support learners no matter what their interests are.

Find your major

If you haven’t yet settled on a major, Knowledge to Work can help with that too. Our career pathways pages offer information on several career pathways that may be of interest to you. You can learn about job outlooks, pay ranges, educational or certification requirements for various career fields, and more, all on these pages. You can also view competency frameworks for each of those pathways to see the exact skills you’ll need to be employed in that field. You can even locate learning resources in that subject area to get a jump-start on meeting those requirements or just to further explore the types of information you would need to learn in a certain career pathway. To find learning resources, simply click on a competency to search for all the learning resources associated with that competency, or do a keyword search using our search engine.

Search for work

You can also visit our job seeker page to search for work. Whether you’re looking for a job to help pay your tuition, gain work experience while you’re working towards your degree, or looking for a more advanced position after you graduate,’s job searching feature can help you locate job opportunities in your area in your chosen career field.

Don't forget to sign up for your free account for access to additional features like saving your searches, favoriting learning resources, and creating your own personalized learning plan.

Are you already enrolled in college? isn’t just for independent learners. Those enrolled in academic programs can use to help them learn topics they’re struggling through, get ahead in their courses, and further explore the topics that interest them.

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