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Learn Business Etiquette with

Learn Business Etiquette with
Thursday, November 2, 2017
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Business etiquette is one skill that might not be taught at any particular point in your formal education. However, it is one of those most important skills for success in any career field. Correct business etiquette can show employers and colleagues that you are a considerate person, mindful of how your behavior affects others and that you are a team player, respectful of both those who rank higher and lower than you do. The ability to convey messages to others that are clear and professional not only reflects well on yourself but also on the image of your organization. Being knowledgeable about business etiquette will help you maintain a professional image no matter what situation arises.

Some business etiquette issues you may want to be knowledgeable about include:

  • How to conduct yourself during business lunches or other meals with colleagues, clients, and supervisors
  • Composing professional e-mail messages
  • How to introduce yourself or your colleagues to others
  • Proper etiquette for job interviews
  • How to address others in e-mail, written, and telephone communications
  • Appropriate dress and conduct at work events such as office parties and company picnics

There are many, often unspoken, rules about how to conduct oneself in a variety of career situations from job interviews to networking events to office parties. Although you may not have ever learned clear rules about how to behave in any of these situations, it’s important for your professional image to be aware of appropriate business etiquette. One offhand interaction could result in a significant career change for you, for the better or worse. To help you always present the best version of yourself possible, we have many free and low-cost learning resources on business etiquette and other soft skills on so you’ll be able to approach any professional interaction with ease.

Business etiquette can be an often overlooked but very important career skill to have. can help you learn all you need to know.

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