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Thursday, October 19, 2017
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Knowledge to Work now has more resources than ever for job seekers. In our recent website upgrade, we have added a whole page dedicated to job seekers and their needs.

Job Opportunities

This week we have added a very exciting update to the site. You can now search for available job opportunities right on our website! Our users are now able to access all the information they need to advance in their careers through every step of the process:

Our job search feature allows you to search for available job opportunities by job title or keyword. We personalize these results to you by allowing you to enter your zip code and how far you are willing to travel for work so the only results you see are within your area!

Our job seekers page also lists several websites for locating job opportunities in each of our featured career pathways, including health information management (HIM), information technology (IT), and administrative support technology (AST). These sites include tools for locating job openings in these fields in your area; job searching advice like resume writing tips and employment interview guidance specific to these career fields; and options for posting your resume to be contacted by employment recruiters about job opportunities. These sites include AHIMA’s Career Assist for job openings in the HIM field, Dice for career opportunities in the IT industry, and iHireAdmin for AST-related positions. Visit our Job Seekers page to explore the complete list of job search sites and to start your search for a job opening in one of these high-growth, high-wage industries.

If you have not yet decided on a career pathway that aligns with your skills and interests, visit our career pathways page.

Job Searching Resources

These resources for locating job opportunities are in addition to the job searching learning resources that are available in our search engine. We have cataloged hundreds of learning materials for job seekers on topics such as resume writing, writing cover letters, preparing for job interviews and answering employment interview questions, networking, negotiating your salary, job applications, job search strategies, and more. Be sure to use these resources to brush up on your job searching skills as well as your soft skills before submitting your job applications.

Additional Features to Come

In addition to all of these tools and resources, we will soon be adding several more tools for job seekers to Soon you will be able to favorite employers to your user dashboard, create an employment e-portfolio featuring your achievements, skills, and documents that demonstrate your employability, and much more! Be sure to check back often for updates!

Sign up for your free account to get started today. now has more resources than ever for job seekers. In our recent website upgrade, we have added a whole page dedicated to job seekers and their needs.

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