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Using CareerOneStop’s Skills Assessment Tools

Using CareerOneStop’s Skills Assessment Tools
Monday, September 25, 2017
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Are you looking to start a new career but not sure what career pathway is right for you? Are you wanting to advance in the field you’re already working in or transfer your current skills to a new career field? CareerOneStop’s Skills Assessment Tools could be just what you need. These skill assessment tools can help you identify a career that you might be interested in based on your current skills or outline the skills you already have based on your previous work experience. This can help you not only discover what types of careers you would enjoy but can also help you throughout the job searching process by bringing into focus the skills you already have that you can discuss on job applications and in employment interviews.

CareerOneStop’s Skills Assessment Tools include:

  • Skills Profiler – The Skills Profiler will help you make a list of your skills based on your previous jobs or to locate career pathways based on skills you currently have.

  • mySkills myFuture – This tool allows you to enter in past job roles you’ve had and matches you to other careers that use similar skills.

  • O*NET – Use O*NET to look up your skills and see which careers those skills are most useful in.

CareerOneStop’s Skills Assessment Tools not only outline the technical skills you have or will need but the soft skills employers will be looking for as well. Once you’ve completed your skills assessment through CareerOneStop, be sure to sign up for your free Knowledge to Work account if you haven’t already, add your current skills to your personalized learning plan, and search over 10,000 free learning resources to start working on the skills you have yet to achieve. You can also explore the career pathways and competency frameworks available on to discover which competencies (skills) you need to learn to supplement the knowledge you already have in order to get the high-wage, high-growth job you’ve been looking for.

CareerOneStop’s skills assessment tools can help you enhance your resume and hunt for your next job.

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