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Employment Interview Questions – Prepare for Success

Employment Interview Questions – Prepare for Success
Monday, September 18, 2017
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The employment interview is one of the most important steps in the job hunting process. This is the first time you’ll speak face-to-face with a potential employer and making a good impression is crucial. Your job interview is your chance to show a potential employer you have the competencies (skills) necessary to be successful in the job role they’re hiring for, you have the communication and other soft skills necessary to be a good fit in their organization, and that you maintain a positive and professional appearance and demeanor.

We’ve shared before that Knowledge to Work has many free learning resources available to help you prepare for every part of the job search process, from brushing up on your soft skills to resume writing tips to networking. We’ve also shared that we have several learning resources to help you prepare for job interviews themselves, including interview etiquette tips and resources for preparing to answer commonly asked questions in employment interviews.

Today we’d like to share that we also have many learning resources to help you prepare your own questions for potential employers. After answering several questions about yourself in your job interview, you will have the opportunity to ask a few questions of your employer. This is your chance to get a better idea of what the culture of the company is like, how your success in the new role would be assessed, what your workday would look like on a day-to-day basis, and address any lingering concerns the employer may have about hiring you before the interview concludes. The following are just a few of the learning resources available on to guide you through preparing your own job interview questions:

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We’ve talked before about the many resources available on for improving your job searching skills. Today, we’re focused on employment interviews. Many of us know how important it is to prepare for the interview questions potential employers might ask you, but it’s equally important to be prepared with questions you might want to ask your potential employers.

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