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Using for Classroom Instruction that Works

Using for Classroom Instruction that Works
Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Looking for new learning resources to engage students and help them achieve learning objectives? Knowledge to Work is a site with tens of thousands of free learning tools available to anyone, anywhere, any time. All you (or your students) need is an email address to set up your account and begin searching for learning resources and using technology with classroom instruction that works. 

For example, if you have students working on acquiring knowledge related to human anatomy and physiology, you can search on to find videos, charts, classroom activities, learning modules, class presentation ideas, and other classroom resources that can be utilized in the classroom or as an assignment. Individual students can use these learning resources for presentation aids, or for individual or group study. The variety of learning resources available provides options for how to engage students. As a registered user, you can also favorite a learning resource, save your searches, or comment on the usefulness of learning resources.

While the site specializes in IThealth sciencesoffice administration, and soft skills, it has links to online learning tools on almost every topic. Most importantly, these learning resources have been evaluated and curated to determine their applicability and quality. There are even learning resources to help individuals prepare for job searches and employment interviews, including modules on resume writing tips. is not just for individual learners. Instructors can also make use of the site to locate learning resources for classroom instruction.

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