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Perfect Your Business Communication Skills with

Perfect Your Business Communication Skills with
Wednesday, August 9, 2017
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Written communication is one skill that is useful in every aspect of life, but particularly in the working world. In most career fields, you will be involved in creating some type of written communication on a regular basis, whether that involves composing formal reports, writing memos, meeting minutes, or letters, or sending emails to colleagues, not to mention writing the resume and cover letter to apply for the position. Your writing style, grammar, spelling, and organization all contribute to constructing a message that conveys a clear meaning to your audience and reflecting a positive image of yourself. Thankfully, has plenty of learning resources to help you hone your business communication skills.

Spelling and Grammar

In the professional world, appearances matter. Using correct spelling and grammar is crucial, not only to ensure that your message is clear to your audience, but also to promote a professional image of yourself. Spelling and grammar errors in your writing can make you seem like a sloppy worker or someone who does not pay attention to details. Errors in spelling and grammar can also distract readers from your message or make your message difficult to understand.

Grammarly is one great tool for proofreading your written communication for errors. Grammarly is a grammar checking software that detects hundreds of grammar, spelling, and word use errors. Grammarly can also help detect plagiarism in your writing, making it a great choice for students as well. You can download Grammarly’s desktop software to use for writing, or you use Grammarly with Microsoft Office to check your Microsoft Word documents and Microsoft Outlook emails for errors missed by those programs. Grammarly can also be downloaded and used as an internet browser extension to check your writing online, including your emails and posts to social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and more. Visit Grammarly’s website to learn more. Search to see many other learning resources for improving your grammar and spelling.

Business Communication

Business communication is a more formal type of communication than other types. Whether you are writing a memo, letter, report, or even an email, your tone and writing style should be professional and the organization of your writing and the words you choose should convey a clear meaning. Implementing all of these concepts into your writing takes practice and experience, but has a variety of free and low-cost learning resources to explain these practices and get you started. Examples of such learning resources include courses from Lynda.comUdemyStraighterLine, and the Saylor Academy, as well as textbooks from Lumen Learning and Amazon. You can also search for more courses, textbooks, and other types of learning resources related to business communication.

Business communication is an essential career skill no matter what your position is. can help you refine your business communication skills to ensure your messages are clear and professional whether you are writing a formal report, sending a quick email to a colleague, or writing a resume.

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