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Job Searching After an Employment Gap? Knowledge to Work Can Help!

Job Searching After an Employment Gap? Knowledge to Work Can Help!
Friday, July 28, 2017
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Employment gaps occur due to a variety of reasons. Whether you were let go from a job or took a break from work to raise children, travel, because of illness, or for any other reason, it’s important to refresh your job searching skills when you’re ready to head back to work, especially after long-term unemployment. Understanding how to answer employment interview questions about an employment gap and brushing up on your resume writing skills are both imperative. If you’re ready to head back to work, don’t let being unemployed stop you from continuing to pursue your career goals. provides several tips for explaining employment gaps, which are discussed in this article.

Resume Writing Skills

One of the number one tips for job searching after an employment gap is to be honest and upfront with potential employers about the gap in your employment history and the reasons for it. Taking the initiative to explain the employment gap in your cover letter is a great first step, as providing the reason for the employment gap upfront is better than leaving potential employers to guess at the reason. Provide a brief explanation only, to acknowledge the gap and mention the reason, and then use your employment interview to elaborate and provide further information.

Be clear about your employment dates on your resume as well. Employers can easily check your employment history, and lying about employment dates isn’t going to reflect well on you in the eyes of potential employers. Being truthful about your employment history does, however, show employers that you possess very desirable characteristics in potential employees, including honesty, integrity, and ethical decision-making skills.

Employment Interview Questions

After mentioning the reason for your employment gap on your cover letter, you’ll have the opportunity to elaborate further in your employment interview. Whether you were laid off from a job, took time off for personal reasons, or have been unemployed long-term or only for a short while, honesty will again be your best tactic. There’s no need to provide an emotional explanation to employers to garner sympathy or to be apologetic about your employment gap, but do provide a straightforward explanation. You can also find ways to frame your experiences during your period of unemployment in a positive light. Talk about what you learned during your time off and how that has helped you, discuss personal or community projects you’ve been involved with, describe any training or educational programs you’ve participated in, mention time you’ve spent volunteering, or skills you’ve honed while caring for children or a sick relative.

Knowledge to Work Can Help has many resources to help you polish your resume writing skills, prepare for answering employment interview questions, and refine your job searching skills. Search learning resources for job searching on

Been out of the workforce for a while? can help you brush up on your resume writing skills and prepare you for job interviews after an employment gap.

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