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Learn Web Design For Free at
Monday, July 24, 2017
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We’re going to discuss how you can set yourself apart from others as a computer programmer or web developer.

Are you ready to learn computer programming?

The phrase “computer programming” may refer to software intended for use within an isolated network and may even require a host application to function. We’re not going to focus on that here. We will be discussing web development and the differences between simply building a website vs. building a web application and the software tools you may need for each. If you are interested in learning software development for the network environment, does have resources to help you attain those skills as well. To get started, check out this resource titled “Visual Basic Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners” provided by Microsoft, a Knowledge to Work partner.

To build a website or build a web application – What’s the difference?

We’ll try to keep our explanation of the difference we’re defining, for the purpose of this post, as basic and to the point as possible.

We refer to the “website” as an internet presence, only displaying static content, and may go as far as providing a blog. The website is simply there to offer information to the visitor and does not provide much interaction, if any. Examples of this are most small business websites. Many websites in this category are created using a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress.

The “web application” is also considered a website, includes static pages, and may include a blog, but has much more interaction for the user. The content changes often (sometimes on each page load), may provide login capabilities, dashboards, and has a multitude of data-driven elements and features. Examples of this include websites you shop on, your banking website, and

So you want to learn web design

When you say, “I want to learn web design,” you are referring to the entire life-cycle of building a website or web application. The entire life-cycle includes conceptualization through delivering pages to your visitors they can interact with at the level you expected. Again, for the purpose of this post, let’s assume your interests aren’t that of the “designer,” which is a very specific role and includes responsibilities like determining the user interface components such as the layout, color, text sizes and styles, images, graphics, and so on. These are all very important to a website but are separate from the programming.

Learn WordPress

Let’s look at a very popular CMS package, WordPress. The plugins and themes make it relatively easy for a person wanting to learn web development. WordPress allows ease of access to the industry and can get you started rather quickly with building websites. Having said that, there are a lot of “CMS designers” out there competing with the same skills. I use the term “CMS designers” since there are no true programming skills required when implementing a WordPress website by selecting a theme, plugins, and entering content.

You may be wondering if a WordPress built website can be customized using PHP and other languages, resulting in what I referred to as a “web application.” The short answer is yes. There lies your first opportunity to set yourself apart from nearly every other person out there building CMS-based websites – there are a lot of them! Developing custom themes and applications within the WordPress framework (or any other CMS for that matter) is a topic worth discussing in a separate post. For now, you can search for WordPress resources to help you get started.

I want to learn software development using PHP, MySQL, and more!

Although a CMS can be a useful framework to build upon to obtain that data-driven web application, some developers choose not to. For some, they want complete flexibility and achieve this by ditching the CMS altogether for a framework based in the PHP programming language. These skilled developers build their own CMS based on specifications unique to the project. No two completed websites are truly the same. This takes a level of skill beyond the crowd of “CMS designers” mentioned earlier that rely on that CMS framework.

Setting yourself apart is important. Let’s be honest, if you want to learn software development and be able to build custom internet applications from the ground up, you will need to more or less master certain programming languages to make that happen. You should focus your efforts on learning the following:

  • Server-side languages: PHP (scripting) and MySQL (database)
  • Client-side languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and AJAX (actually a bit of client-side and server-side)

There are other languages you may come across, even alternatives, but these are the most common. Spoken from someone who builds those unique data-driven applications, as you get started learning, it takes patience, plenty of time learning, writing code, and testing what you wrote. As you learn to write effective code, you will come to realize there are probably a thousand ways to do a single thing. One of your objectives is to find the most effective and efficient way to achieve the ultimate result.

Search for web design resources and resources to help you learn PHP, learn MySQL, learn JavaScript, and learn other computer programming languages.

There are so many avenues to explore when you want to learn software development or to learn web development. is only one of many choices available to you. Ultimately, it’s about being the best at what you do and setting yourself apart from others, allowing you to succeed. Knowledge to Work helps you do that with a free account and learning tools. Register for free now or learn more about Knowledge to Work.

You can find free learning resources to learn web design and track your progress with a personalized learning plan. Learn programming languages like HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and much more at Many of the learning resources are free.

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