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Georgetown University Report Published on Connecting College to Careers

Georgetown University Report Published on Connecting College to Careers
Friday, July 14, 2017
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Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce released a report this week that explores the relationship between postsecondary credentials and careers, titled “Career Pathways: Five Ways to Connect College and Careers.” The report discusses making higher education and training more transparent and better aligned with workforce needs, so both students and employers will have a better understanding of what having certain credentials will mean for them in the workforce.

Connecting Credentials to Workforce Skills

The report states that with the number of higher education institutions, occupations, and credential options growing, along with increasing tuition prices, students need much clearer information to make well-informed decisions about their education. College credentials are more in-demand than ever, yet the options out there are confusing for both students and employers. College is a huge investment, and committing to one specific credential program can be risky considering the number of other options out there for schools, program types, credentials, etc. Students should know exactly what they can expect from a specific educational program, the exact skills they will be equipped with upon receiving that credential, and assurance that those skills are desirable to employers in that line of work to be sure that their investment will pay off. This transparency will also help employers make informed decisions when hiring, as they will be assured that the candidates they choose to hire have learned the skills they are looking for when they have certain credentials. Read the full Georgetown University report.

Knowledge to Work Can Help

Here at, we work hard to ensure that learners using our portal will have the exact skills they will need to get hired and be successful in the careers they desire. We use competency frameworks aligned with actual workforce needs so it is clear to learners exactly what skills they need to be successful in a particular job role. We also provide learners with links to learning resources so they can learn those skills and provide personalized learning plans for users to keep track of their learning along the way. We also connect learners to opportunities to get degrees, certificates, or other credentials to prove their skills to employers. Using requires no commitment and no cost, making it a risk-free way to explore career pathways, discover the exact skills you’ll need in a particular career field, and locate learning resources available to acquire those skills.

Visit our career pathways pages and register for a free account on to start working towards your career goals today.

Review of the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University’s report, “Career Pathways: Five Ways to Connect College and Careers.”

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