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Personalized Learning – Knowledge to Work is Changing the Way We Learn

Personalized Learning – Knowledge to Work is Changing the Way We Learn
Tuesday, January 31, 2017
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AltSchool and personalized learning for children

If we’re going to talk about changing the way we learn, we need to mention AltSchool and what they’re doing for children. Personalized learning has been around for decades in higher education. The proven benefits to learners is tremendous, so it is only fitting to apply that approach to early childhood development and learning.

Personalized learning for children has started to take shape thanks to AltSchool, located in San Francisco, California. At the time of this writing, they support the efforts of eight locations across the country that work with their “technology-enabled network.” They are currently promoting personalized learning to children, focusing on delivering a personalized, whole-child education, and have even bigger plans to enable all children throughout the country access to their technology-enabled network. We believe this is a monumental step and that AltSchool will help rebuild the way our children learn and help shape our young people into productive and successful members of society. Learn more about AltSchool.

The future of education using personalized learning is positive for children and for adult learners. and personalized learning in higher education

So, what if you’re thirty-something and found yourself lacking the skills you need to advance in your career? Maybe you’re not happy in your current job, just got laid off, and are evaluating where to go next, or thinking about a new career all together? The bottom line is, you need new skills but don’t have the time or money it takes to go back to school for a full degree.

You may think… You’re stuck and your only option is sitting in a classroom and learning alongside others possibly half your age, right? NO, not with personalized learning and, if there is a will to learn on your own…

With skills, or a will, there is a way

The old adage goes, “Where there's a will, there's a way.” Traditionally, if you wanted to learn new skills and obtain a certificate, degree, or other type of recognition for your attainment of knowledge, you would apply to your local community college or university then sit in a classroom with others, learning the same things at the same pace regardless of your skill level or needs. Personalized learning is changing higher education and Knowledge to Work is at the forefront of this movement for adult learners.

You may actually know most of what is being taught in a course simply from years of work experience, so why waste your time and money relearning what you already know? You shouldn’t - Personalized learning permits you to determine what you need to learn, then allows you to focus on mastering only new knowledge. provides you with a very unique learning experience. Knowledge to Work focuses on competency-based education (CBE) using personalized learning plans and over 10,000 free learning resources, including open educational resources (OER). even ties these OER to individual competencies, mapped to nationally-recognized competency frameworks.

Competencies are a combination of skills, abilities, and knowledge needed to perform a specific task. Many competencies are required for the attainment of a credential, degree, or other type of recognition.

You can find learning resources using’s advanced search criteria coupled with personalized learning plans and other tools to help identify the competencies you need to learn. Although most of the learning resources you’ll find while searching are free, some are not. You can use the search engine with advanced filtering options to adjust cost and other preferences to narrow your search results to resources that match your preferred learning style. is always accessible to learn online. Unlike typical classrooms you find in higher education, our website exists in the internet environment where anyone can learn at their own pace if they have an internet connection. Plus, one thing you can count on is this: The Knowledge to Work website and learning tools are available absolutely free.

Recognition for attainment

Does Knowledge to Work provide credentials, degrees, or other types of awards? No, not at this time. However, we do have links to organizations that offer credentials in our featured subject areas. is simply an education-focused website interested in providing learning resources to help you learn the competencies you need to succeed.

Can you skip the classroom all together? Maybe so. That is really determined by your level of knowledge (your competency attainment) and the policies of the credentialing institution you choose. Potentially, you may only pay for the assessments required to obtain that certificate, degree, or other type of recognition.

Live up to your greatest potential

Knowledge to Work promotes an equal opportunity environment for anyone with an internet connection and a willingness to learn. Regardless of your social background, existing education, or where you live, you can learn, build upon your current level of skills and employability, and live up to your greatest potential.

Signing up for your Knowledge to Work account is free

By signing up for a free Knowledge to Work account, you can:

  • Explore career pathways to discover the career that’s right for you
  • Review competency frameworks related to your chosen career field to see exactly the skills you will need to obtain the job you want
  • Create your own personalized learning plan aligned with your educational and professional goals
  • Learn the competencies you need to get a better job, using learning resources (over 10,000 of which are free)
  • Monitor your progress toward achieving your goals on your learning dashboard
  • Save your favorite learning resources
  • Save your searches and review your complete search history
  • Plus much more for free!
Want to learn? Don't have time or money for a classroom? Where there's a will, there's a way. helps you get started learning at your own pace with online learning resources and a personalized learning plan.

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