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IAAP 2017 Body of Knowledge (CAP) Exam

IAAP 2017 Body of Knowledge (CAP) Exam
Tuesday, October 4, 2016
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Those interested in becoming an administrative support professional (see the AST pathway) may want to check out the IAAP Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) Exam providing a comprehensive list of competencies by IAAP, a Knowledge to Work partner. It is a professional certification geared toward office and administrative professionals and is the only recognized professional certification in the administrative field that encompasses all areas of the AST profession. provides associated learning resources to help you achieve the competencies of the IAAP Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) Exam 2017 Body of Knowledge. This is in addition to the Administrative Support Technology (AST) Competency Framework.

Check out the IAAP Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) Exam, a list of competencies offered by IAAP.

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