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Knowledge to Work for Homeschoolers

Knowledge to Work for Homeschoolers
Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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Many households have turned to homeschooling amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you’ve recently started homeschooling your child(ren) or you’re a long-term homeschooler, Knowledge to Work is an online learning tool that can help. While homeschooling does come with unique challenges, the tools described below can help reduce some of the difficulties in logistical planning so you and your child(ren) can focus on educational success.

Find Learning Resources

Whether you need learning resources to support a formal curriculum or you are looking for learning materials that can help your child explore their personal interests, Knowledge to Work can help. The Learning Resources Search tool includes thousands of learning resources on a wide range of topics.

To begin a search, follow the link above and enter search terms on a topic of interest and click “Search.” You can then narrow your search results if desired using the Advanced Search Filters menu. Among the filtering options, you will find an expandable tab for education level. Filtering the search results using educational level can help you easily locate learning resources at your child’s learning level. Once any advanced filtering options have been selected, click the “Apply Advanced Filters” button to filter the search results.

Track Learning Progress

One incredible benefit of signing up for a free Knowledge to Work account is the creation of a personalized learning plan. This free personalized learning plan allows you to take advantage of several other features on the Knowledge to Work portal. You can add career or educational goals to the learning plan and track your child’s progress toward achieving those goals. Learn more about this feature below.

Knowledge to Work’s learning plans also include a learning journal. The Journal tool allows you to leave long-form notes on the progress your child is making in their learning journey. You can also leave private comments (only viewable by you when logged in) on learning resources that can also help track progress.

Favorite Resources & Save Searches

Other benefits of logging in to your free account include the ability to Favorite learning resources. This saves learning resources to the Favorites menu in personalized learning plans and can help you return to unfinished learning resources and keep track of those educational resources you want to use later. You can also save searches while logged in, including any filtering options you apply to your searches. To save a learning resources search, click the “Save Search & Filter” button at the bottom of the search filters options after completing a learning resources search. Saving searches allows you to rerun searches later, which can help you remember resources you want to return to or discover newly added learning resources for a grade level or topic. Learning resources are continually added to the Knowledge to Work portal, so you’ll want to check back often!

Career Exploration

For children nearing high school graduation,’s Career Pathways Explorer tool can help your child with career planning. The Career Pathways Explorer offers information on different career fields in in-demand industries, including healthcare, information technology, engineering, and more. The information provided includes common job titles in different careers, data on expected career growth and salary range, technologies that may need to be learned, videos highlighting job responsibilities, and competency frameworks. Competency frameworks are lists of the exact skills, knowledge, and abilities a person will need to have to be successful in a certain career. The competency frameworks provided on the Knowledge to Work site are compiled from research conducted with employers in those industries. Competency frameworks can also be added to your child’s personalized learning plan as a career goal so they can track their progress toward their goal.

Knowledge to Work can also help with the development of job search skills, soft skills, and college preparedness. See the links below for more information on each of these topics:’s Services Search tool can help your child locate colleges and universities. The search filter options for this tool allow filtering search results by specific services offered, so if your child wants to find a school that offers housing, transfer agreements, grants, work-study employment, online college courses, or more, they can easily locate colleges with those options.

Remember to sign up for your free account on to take advantage of all the benefits described above!


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