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Prepare for your GED with Knowledge to Work

Prepare for your GED with Knowledge to Work
Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Have you been thinking of taking the GED? This article answers all your questions about the GED test and certification! We’re discussing what the GED test is, GED test requirements, GED test subjects, where to take the GED test, and free GED prep online. Keep reading to learn more!

What is the GED?

The General Education Development (GED) test is a set of examinations that determines if the test taker has a high school-level education. The GED gives those who did not complete high school the opportunity to demonstrate that they have achieved that level of learning. Obtaining a GED certificate can be helpful for those who want to apply for jobs that require a high school-level education. The GED test covers four topics. The GED subjects are science, social studies, math, and reasoning through language arts (which includes reading and writing).

How to Get Your GED Online

It is possible to take the GED test online, from your own home. Eligibility for this service is determined by the testing requirements of the state you live in as well as your technological preparedness. In addition to living in a state that allows online GED testing, you must have a computer, access to the internet, a webcam, and a private workspace to complete the test. You must also have a government-issued ID and have passed a GED practice test for the subject(s) you wish to test on. More details about eligibility requirements and if your state offers online GED testing can be found on Additional details about GED requirements and GED test pricing can be found on the Price & State Rules page of

If your state does not offer online GED testing or if you prefer to take the test in-person, visit the Scheduling Your Test page on to find local testing options.

GED Test Prep

Before you take any GED tests, however, you want to study up on each subject tested to increase your chances of success. The resources listed below are GED test prep materials that can help you prepare for your GED tests.

Knowledge to Work Can Help

Knowledge to Work is a work-based learning portal designed to help those who want to advance their careers through education. Sign up for your free account to explore the many resources has to help you learn new skills or connect with potential employers. While signed in to your account, you can track your learning, favorite learning resources to save them, and search local employers to review their job requirements. Check out the article Knowledge to Work for Learners to discover additional features Knowledge to Work has to offer. Get started today!


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