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Knowledge to Work: An Online Learning Tool

Knowledge to Work: An Online Learning Tool
Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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Online learning may have been growing in popularity before 2020, but in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, online education has been adopted at least temporarily for most students, teachers, and parents. Whether you’re a homeschooling parent, college professor, K-12 teacher, or student, Knowledge to Work is a free online learning site that can help you.

Free Online Education Tools for Educators

To start with, if you’re new to teaching online or would like to deepen your knowledge of distance learning strategies, Knowledge to Work has several learning resources to help you learn more about online education. Some examples of these free learning resources are listed below: can also help you locate learning resources to use as teaching materials in your courses. Its Learning Resources Search Tool can connect you to thousands of learning resources on many different topics. This search tool includes learning resources for both higher education and K-12 teaching. Read these blog posts to learn about how to find open educational resources (OER) or learning resources for K-12 with Knowledge to Work.

With a free account on, you can explore advanced features. While still free, these tools allow you to save learning resources to your account, make private comments on learning resources, review learning materials, contribute additional learning resources, and save helpful learning resource searches to run again later (new learning resources are continually being added!). Learn more about Knowledge to Work’s tools for educators in this article.

Online Learning Tools for Homeschoolers

Homeschooling parents can benefit from many of the distance learning resources for teachers mentioned in the previous section, but has more to offer you. One challenge homeschooling parents and students may face is keeping track of educational progress. With a free Knowledge to Work account, you can create a personalized learning plan for each student in your household. These learning plans allow you to track each learner's progress through a given curriculum either by tracking knowledge learned with Knowledge to Work’s provided educational goals tools or through making notes on progress in each account’s learning journal.

Another obstacle that comes with homeschooling is staying organized. With your Knowledge to Work account, you can save learning resources to reference later, organize saved learning resources into folders you create, add notes to learning resources (these are only viewable to you), and save learning resource searches that were useful to you to search again later. You can also review past search history, so if you forget to save a learning resource to your account you can still find it later.

Virtual Learning Tools for Learners

Whether you’re a homeschool student, a college student, or an independent learner, offers many learning tools for you as well. All the tools described above are also accessible to learners. Additionally, you may be interested in various other tools available on the Knowledge to Work site. The Career Pathways Explorer, for example, allows you to investigate different career options you may be interested in in the future. This tool helps you discover the skills needed to join that career field, connect to learning resources to learn those skills, discover local employers who hire in that career field, and explore information on each career to help you finalize your decision. This additional career information includes common job titles within that field, the technology you may need to be familiar with, videos showing the job responsibilities in that field, and links to other pages where you can read about job growth in that industry, average salary, and other information. Knowledge to Work is focused on work-based learning, so you can learn exactly what you need to know for your chosen career. Creating a free account allows you to create a personalized learning plan centered on your specific career goals and can help you stay focused on your goal.

You can also use Knowledge to Work’s Learning Resources Search Tool to search for learning materials you can use to better understand the topics being taught in your courses. This is a great feature to explore if you’re having trouble understanding a certain topic and want additional help or if you’re very interested in a topic and want to dive deeper. This search tool can also help you locate learning resources on subjects not covered in your current courses so you can learn about other topics that interest you as well.

Knowledge to Work also offers learning resources that can help you improve your ability to learn online. Whether you’ve been an online student for a while, or you’re new to eLearning, the free learning resources below may be helpful to you:

Free Virtual Learning Resources

No matter your educational role, don’t forget to sign up for your free account to take advantage of all the features described above and more!


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Knowledge to Work is a digital education tool that can help college instructors, K-12 teachers, homeschoolers, and students.

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