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Knowledge to Work for K-12 Teaching

Knowledge to Work for K-12 Teaching
Thursday, February 18, 2021
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While has focused on adult learners in the past, we’ve made great strides in recent years to increase the features and learning resources available to educators and for K-12 schooling. Continue reading to learn more about Knowledge to Work’s features for K-12 teachers!

Finding Learning Resources

One primary feature of the Knowledge to Work website is its catalog of thousands of free learning resources. The topics covered by these learning materials include math, science, history, writing, and more. Also included are several basic life skill learning resources that may be helpful for students in secondary school including, personal finance management, job interview skills and what to expect from a first job, how to prepare for and apply to colleges, and others. Each learning resource is evaluated and added to the collection by Knowledge to Work’s Digital Librarian.

To locate learning materials for the grade level and topics you teach, start by visiting the learning resources search engine. You can start a search by typing keywords into the search bar related to the topic, then click “Search.” To the left of your search results, you will see several filtering options. In these filtering options, locate and click the “Education Level” option. This allows you to narrow your search results by grade level. Simply check the box next to the grade level you teach, then click the blue “Apply Advanced Filters” button. This will narrow your results to only the most relevant learning resources.

How to Find Open Educational Resources

If you’re interested in locating open educational resources (OER), we can help with that too (if you’re not familiar with OER, click here to learn what OER means). To find OER on, simply follow the same steps outlined above to search for learning resources for the topic and grade you teach. Then, in the same advanced filter options, locate and click to expand the box that reads “Copyright License.” These options allow you to narrow your results by the type of copyright permissions assigned to them. You can select and apply these options in the same way as the grade level options.

Your Account Features

The Knowledge to Work website also offers many other tools for educators outlined in this post. To summarize, with a free account you can “favorite” learning resources for future reference, organize favorited resources into folders, add private notes on learning resources, leave ratings on learning resources for other educators, and save whole searches to be run again later (we’re continually adding new learning resources!).

Your Free Account

Sign up for your free account here to take advantage of all the benefits listed above and more!


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