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Reviewing Activity Data on Your Service Organization Profile

Reviewing Activity Data on Your Service Organization Profile
Thursday, October 8, 2020
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After setting up your service organization account and establishing your profile on Knowledge to Work, you’ll want to be able to see data on the traffic coming to your service organization profile page. This blog shows you how to do just that! If you haven’t already signed up for your free service organization account to increase your community outreach or attract new students, you can read about all the benefits here.

Reviewing Activity on Your Service Organization Profile

To review the data gathered for you by Knowledge to Work on the activity on your service organization profile, login to your account, then locate the “Activity” option in your dashboard menu. Clicking this tab will expand the Activity section. Next, click “Landing Page Views” to review user activity data on the number of views your service organization profile has received. At the top of this page, you have the option to review user activity data by day or by month by selecting either “Daily” or “Monthly” from the dropdown menu. The data showing you the number of views your service organization profile has received is viewable on a graph on this page. You can also export this data into a comma-separated (CSV) format file by clicking the "Export All" button. The file can be easily opened in Excel or another spreadsheet application.

Increasing Activity on Your Service Organization Profile

If you would like to increase the traffic your service organization profile is receiving, we have a few tips for you!

First, be sure you have provided complete and accurate information about your service organization. To check this, visit the “Profile Settings” section on your dashboard menu to add or edit the information you’ve provided about your service organization. Of particular importance is completing all available description options for your profile. You’ll want to provide both a short description (used for search results) and a full description (used on your landing page). This information helps communicate to users how your service organization can support them in their educational or job searching pursuits.

You will also want to provide information about all the locations of your service organization. Users locate your service organization profile using their zip code, so by ensuring all your locations are listed, you increase the number of times your service organization will appear in users’ search results. You can add additional locations using the “Manage Locations” page under the “Account” tab on your dashboard menu.

Finally, you want to ensure you have listed all services provided or credentials awarded by your service organization. This information is also key to your service organization appearing in users’ search results so having all relevant services and awards listed on your profile makes a significant difference in how many users will be able to find your organization! Information about the services you provided and credentials you award also communicates to users the ways your organization can help them and can be a determining factor in whether they reach out to your organization for assistance or enrollment. You can check your current selections for services and awards you provide and add additional ones on the “Services” and “Awards” pages on your dashboard menu.

Sign Up for Your Free Service Organization Account

Need to set up your free service organization profile on Knowledge to Work? Sign up here to start improving your student recruitment efforts or increasing your outreach today! Learn how to sign up for your service organization profile with this step-by-step guide or go straight to the sign-up page for service organizations.


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