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Get the Job You Want with Soft Skills

Get the Job You Want with Soft Skills
Thursday, June 18, 2020
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Certain skills are desired in job candidates regardless of the position or industry. Soft skills, also called employability skills or career skills, are more difficult to measure than hard skills. Hard skills consist of more technical skills or easily measured activities, like knowing how to use a computer program or how to weld. Soft skills, however, relate to the realms of interpersonal and emotional intelligence. Examples of soft skills include having a positive attitude, being creative, being a team player, being self-motivated, getting along well with others, and many others.

How to Ensure You Have the Soft Skills Employers Want

Soft skills may seem vague but ensuring you have adequate abilities in these areas can mean the difference between you getting hired or promoted or another person getting that position. Employers sometimes even focus more on soft skills than hard skills in candidates when looking to fill open positions. Both types are essential, but hard skills are easier to teach. So how can you be sure you have the soft skills employers are looking for? You’ll want to start by exploring the workplace skills competency frameworks available on

Workplace Skills Competency Frameworks

Knowledge to Work is focused on work-based learning. That means that we try to make it as simple as possible for you to get the exact skills employers are looking for in candidates for the job you want. This includes ensuring you have the soft skills you’ll need too. That’s why we’ve included soft skills frameworks on the Knowledge to Work portal.

These competency frameworks have been created by organizations that have done the research on which skills employers look for in job candidates in any industry or position. That information was used to create comprehensive lists of these skills (competencies) so learners like you can easily discover what they need to learn. To make it even simpler, Knowledge to Work has made the competency frameworks available on its portal so they can be tied to learning resources.

How to Use Knowledge to Work to Learn Soft Skills has a number of features to make it simple for you to learn these soft skills competencies. One of these is that we have tied learning resources to each of the competency statements found in these soft skill competency frameworks. This means that all you need to do is click on an individual competency to locate learning resources you can use to learn that competency.

If you have signed up for your free account, you can also add these competency frameworks to your personalized learning plan as an educational goal so you can keep track of which competencies you have achieved as you learn them. You can also favorite learning resources and searches, making it easy to return to learning resources you need to look at again later.

Soft Skills Frameworks on

There are a few different soft skills competency frameworks available on the portal. They range from general frameworks that cover skills applicable in any industry to soft skills frameworks that still relate to general skills but are focused on one specific industry. Here is a complete list of the soft skills frameworks currently available on the Knowledge to Work portal so you can get started exploring them now!

Any industry:


You can also search for learning materials for learning soft skills through Knowledge to Work’s learning resources search engine.

Remember to sign up for your free account to set up your personalized learning plan!

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