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Virtual Career Fairs with Knowledge to Work

Virtual Career Fairs with Knowledge to Work
Friday, May 1, 2020
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The Knowledge to Work portal is now offering a new employee recruitment feature for employers: virtual job fair hosting! We’re here to help employers find the best fit for every open position at their businesses. Providing access to online job fair services is just our latest way to help you attract qualified job candidates using online recruitment methods! Read on to learn about these new features to help you manage the talent pipeline.

Virtual Career Fairs on

Every digital career fair event will have its own unique webpage created for it. This page will include the event’s title, the date of the event (either one-day or multiple-day job fairs are possible), and a list of the employers participating. The list of employers is sorted by industry, if multiple industries are involved, to make navigation easier for job seekers.

Employer Profiles

Every employer listed will have its own employer profile page. This can be found by clicking on the name of the employer from the list on the digital job fair page. These employer profile pages help job seekers learn more about each business. These pages are created by the employer and include everything from business locations and contact information to descriptions of the business, the benefits of working there, and the company culture. Employer profile pages also include job roles. Also provided on employer profile pages is any information about interactive online meetings that will take place between employers and job seekers on the day(s) of the event.

Job Roles

Job roles are also created by the employer and help the employer communicate to job seekers the positions that an employer hires for and the requirements they have for employees in those positions. Job roles include the title of the position, a description of the job, the location(s) that job is available, the educational and work experience required of employees in that position, and, most importantly, a complete, custom-made list of the competencies (knowledge, skills, and abilities) employees in that position must have. The inclusion of competencies in the job profile helps employers show job candidates the exact skills they need from someone in that position to ensure job seekers know if they are fully qualified, and if not, what they can work on learning to be a better job candidate for that position in the future.

Interactive Online Meetings

Employers can also conduct interactive online meetings with job candidates. These meetings could be informational webinars in which job seekers can ask questions, an overview of benefits offered at the business, a simple meet-and-greet, or a question and answer session. These virtual meetings can take place via the employer’s software of choice (Zoom, Skype, Facebook Live, Slack, Google Hangouts, etc.). The time and date of the meeting, as well as a link for job seekers to join the meeting, will all be provided on the employer’s profile page.

Online Employee Recruitment

The Knowledge to Work portal uses the principles of work-based learning to help learners attain the skills they need for the position they want, job seekers connect with employers who hire for those roles, and employers attract these qualified job seekers with online employee recruitment and selection efforts. Offering online career fairs is just the latest way we hope to make the process of hiring an employee as efficient as possible for employers.


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The Knowledge to Work portal is now offering a new feature for employers: virtual career fair hosting!

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